Don’t be scared of cancer

Cancer is a curable disease. You can heal yourself with the right foods and lifestyle.


Cancer is not a disease to dread.

The first thought that comes to mind with cancer is death or limited time. Be assured that cancer is a perfectly curable disease and you can do it yourself. There are no medicines to cure cancer, but with eating the right food and avoiding some foods you can heal your own body.

Today the medical industry is the largest growing sector. The poor economic situation and the current job scene has made people cautious about where we spend our money. However when it comes to health, we will pay whatever the price to save the life of a loved one. This is exactly what the pharmaceutical industry is capitalizing on with chemo therapy. You may think twice before buying designer shoes, jewelry or branded clothes, but if someone is sick you will spend all your savings to get them well again. This is the same scenario with everyone, because we value the lives of our loved ones and it pains us to see them suffer.

The unfortunate  part is that the doctors and the medical industry together with the governments are making a fool of us, the people. If you want to know more about what is causing cancer and other diseases among people, you can read my article “What causes cancer”.It is really sad how the governments and the rich industrialists are conning people and taking our money. Earlier this was guarded information, but now with the internet and so much of information floating around it is tough for the medical industry to keep this a secret. Though people know about it there is nothing much we can do about it anyway. It is a top level conspiracy. The fact is that people are dying with cancer. While they claim to spend billions of dollars in research, there is no outcome.

Getting back to the point – do not fear cancer. It doesn’t matter what stage. Usually people only find out about cancer in the third or fourth stage. The fourth stage I have been given to understand is when the cancer begins to spread to surrounding areas.

Be positive and believe that you will be healed. Positive thoughts  are the first step to healing. You have to believe that you will be well and totally cancer free and yes it is possible.

This is a sunrise not a sunset. It depicts a new beginning, a new day, a new hope, a new life.


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The truth about Swine Flu is now out

How the pharmaceutical companies are coning people by creating fear and selling their products

It is shocking to learn that pharmaceutical companies are creating diseases like cancer, swine flu,  diabetes and many more just to sell their medicines and vaccinations.

The truth is now coming out as organisation such as WHO are catching on to the fears stroked by supposed Medical experts in propagating these diseases. Interesting reads about this case are

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This just goes to show how vulnerable we are to the medical community who we can no longer trust.

Our food is being adulterated with carcinogens which cause cancer and other diseases. Our modern day lifestyle has made us dependent on eating processed foods. Natural foods have healing values. It is time to start turning back to organic foods and eating things that are good for health.


Fierce the tide billowed

What happens when you get the medical report that declares you have cancer? Fear of what’s going to happen? Regret for not having done many things you wanted to? Sorrow over the fact that your life is coming to an end?

It doesn’t have to be this way. When God gives you a problem he always shows you a solution too. Most of the time we are too self absorbed with our own emotions to even see what he is showing us.

Take heed cancer is absolutely curable. But chemo will definitely kill you. First the side effects of the strong medication will waste you body away and finally it take the life out of you. It is a very sad way to die. The ones who suffer the most when a cancer patient has cancer is not the patient but your near and dear ones. They feel so helpless watching you just waste away.

The natural cures for cancer are all banned by the government and their conspiracy with the multi billion dollar pharmaceutical industry.

Vitamin B-17. Can you imagine a vitamin being banned? That is because it cures cancer. The highest natural source of Vitamin b-17 is the nut of the apricot seed. Thank fully apricots are not banned. Gorge on them. A handful a day will do you great benefit. It will reduce the cancer cells in your body.

Sodium bi Carbonate: A decade ago someone told me that I should avoid adding it to food. Also known as cooking soda or baking soda (not baking powder please do not get confused). If you cant find it anywhere look in an Indian shop. It is used in some of the Indian food. An Indian shop will call it cooking soda or soda bi carbonate.

What does it do? It is known as a natural chemo. So you can conclude the rest.

How do you take it. 1/2 teaspoon (5mg) four times a day mixed with water. It tastes very much like an antacid and also functions as one. Or you could do 1 teaspoon (10mg) twice a day. Your daily limit is (20mg) Don’t over do it – that’s all you body can tolerate. Add some lemon to the soda and water – it makes it more effective.

In maximum 4 week your cancer will be gone and this works even for stage 4 cancer or beyond. Even if you are on chemo. Take the soda and get yourself checked in two weeks to see the progress. Try and ensure you get as little medical chemo as possible because the side effects on your body from all the strong medication is terrible and it will permanently damage you if you have too much medication.

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Cancer is totally curable

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I’m not posting testimonials but it works. Have faith and believe that you will be healed and you will. Just follow the simple food advice.

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Natural Chemo

Soda bi carbonate, baking soda, cooking soda they are all the same.

Soda bi carb is used in all antacids. It is the main component that helps in digestion. If you are feeling uneasy after a heavy meal or if you have indigestion – you head for an antacid to feel better. Next time just take half a teaspoon (5mg) of baking soda in half a glass of water.13466025_10208859236014272_6249219305146328309_n

If you have an upset stomach, everything you eat makes you run to the loo. Soda may not cures your loosies but it will help to improve you digestion for the other stuff you eat. This I say from personal experience. And soon you will start to feel better.

Cancer and Soda bi carbonate

Soda bi carbonate is known as a natural chemo therapy. Mixed with Lemon juice it is said to be 10,000 times more effective than chemo. Of course most people believe strongly in the money making pharmaceutical industry – which by the way does not claim to cure. However soda bi carb will cure you and n side effects.

The recommended dosage is half teaspoon (5 mg) with a glass of water four times a day or you can take one teaspoon (10 mg) twice a day. Preferably your limit of soda in a day is 20 mg. This is what the medics say, so I stick by it.

Baking Soda is also very effective for kidney disease and cures uric acid problems.

You will find hundreds of supporting articles from qualified doctors on the internet. You will also find articles posted by the pharmaceutical industry trying to dissuade people from consuming soda. Today the only business that is growing in a falling economy is health care. Why? because processed foods are being made of cancer causing ingredients. There is a lot of supporting evidence online. Canola oil – originally rapeseed oil, was declared unfit for human consumption. It was modified a little and renamed Canola oil and is being promoted at par with Olive oil. By the way olive oil is good for you.

Cancer is totally curable

Do not dread cancer – it a totally curable disease.

Do not dread cancer – it a totally curable disease.

Why is cancer so common today?

Cancer is being propagated by the pharmaceutical industry. They are thriving on the money they are making on Chemo therapy and other cancer related medication. In a troubled economy the pharma companies are doing booming business because health is the one area that no one will compromise on.

What is causing cancer? If you consider the lifestyle we live today as compared to that of a century ago. We have processed foods and genetically engineered crops. Falsely propagated items as good for health like Canola oil. Canola oil has been revealed to be rapeseed oil, which was declared unfit for human consumption. With a few modifications the FDA cleared it and they renamed it Canola oil. And this is known to be instrumental in causing cancer. The proceeded foods we eat also lead to cancer. A century ago we ate fresh fruit and vegetable that were naturally ripened. A good nutritious diet of farm fresh fruit and vegetables will restore your health. Whatever disease you are suffering.

Strong cancer fighting foods:

  1. Ginger juice. The GMO ginger has fewer properties than natural ginger it will still help. A simple recipe of ginger juice with lemon juice and honey with water, drunk through the day  will help you a lot. If you can consume 2-3 liters of this concoction everyday you will be infusing cancer fighting antibodies into your body.
  2. High dose of Vitamin C: Eating foods that are rich in Vitamin C or even taking Vitamin C supplements are good. I would recommend that you opt for herbal vitamins or natural vitamins.
  3. Baking soda also known as Soda bicarbonate:  This has known as a natural chemo therapy. For some reason there was a lot of negative opinions on soda bi carbonate. But the old people know about the good benefits of soda bi carbonate for health. A medic revealed to me me that post op they inject patients with soda bi carbonate because it is so effective in healing. The dosage for soda bi carbonate is 1/2 teaspoon in half a glass of water four times a day. It is recommended that you do not exceed 2 teaspoons (20 mg) a day. You can also take 1 teaspoon (small spoon) in a glass of water twice a day. Soda bi carbonate is also extremely good for kidney failure and high uric acid. Soda bi Carbonate is the main ingredient in antacids and is extremely helpful in digestion. If you are facing a case of indigestion take some soda bi carbonate in water.
  4. Cannabis oil: a total cure for cancer in any stage. From leukemia to any form of cancer cannabis is the cure. The only problem is that it is very difficult to come by and most countries inconvenience with the pharmaceutical industries have labelled cannabis as a banned substance. Just apply the oil on your body 2-3 times a day. It absorbs through the skin into your blood stream and goes to the affected areas and starts the war on the cancer cells. Cannabis oil can cure you in as little time as 2-3 weeks. If you are undergoing cancer treatment it is advisable not to mention cannabis oil to your medic. The medical industry are totally against the benefits of cannabis. Even if you don’t believe in the good effects of cannabis oil, you can use it, it wont do you any harm. Cannabis oil is also good for aches and pains.
  5. Omega 3: Omega 3,6 & 9 is good for you. It will help build up your resistance and cancer fighting antibodies. It does not have any direct affect on the cancer cells however, but I recommend that you take Omega oil supplement of 1000 mg a day.


The truth about cancer

It is not the cancer that kills most people, but the side effects of the chemo therapy that makes the body so sick and brings a cancer suffers down to such a painful sight.Cancer will kill you in the long run, without chemo or any medication for cancer you can live quite well for a number of years. You might however need to take pain killers at times as the pain is quite sever.

What is cancer?

Cancer is not something alien to our body. In a natural state our body produces new cells everyday and the old one die. When the old cells do not die and the cells grow out of control it is what we call cancer. It is a malfunction of our natural body system. It is not something external that has affected us.

What to avoid if you have cancer

If you have cancer please avoid all processed foods and precooked or canned foods. Stick to a simple basic diet of home cooked food of fresh vegetables and fruit. Chicken and fish steamed or in stew is healthy. The best way to make stew is to put chopped vegetables and some pieces of raw chicken or fish or red meat into the pot with some ginger, garlic, onion, salt and any other herbs that you like the flavor of. This is the most healthy meal you can have. You can eat the stew with bread or rice or just plain.