Don’t be scared of cancer

Cancer is not a disease to dread.

The first thought that comes to mind with cancer is death or limited time. Be assured that cancer is a perfectly curable disease and you can do it yourself. There are no medicines to cure cancer, but with eating the right food and avoiding some foods you can heal your own body.

Today the medical industry is the largest growing sector. The poor economic situation and the current job scene has made people cautious about where we spend our money. However when it comes to health, we will pay whatever the price to save the life of a loved one. This is exactly what the pharmaceutical industry is capitalizing on with chemo therapy. You may think twice before buying designer shoes, jewelry or branded clothes, but if someone is sick you will spend all your savings to get them well again. This is the same scenario with everyone, because we value the lives of our loved ones and it pains us to see them suffer.

The unfortunate  part is that the doctors and the medical industry together with the governments are making a fool of us, the people. If you want to know more about what is causing cancer and other diseases among people, you can read my article “What causes cancer”.It is really sad how the governments and the rich industrialists are conning people and taking our money. Earlier this was guarded information, but now with the internet and so much of information floating around it is tough for the medical industry to keep this a secret. Though people know about it there is nothing much we can do about it anyway. It is a top level conspiracy. The fact is that people are dying with cancer. While they claim to spend billions of dollars in research, there is no outcome.

Getting back to the point – do not fear cancer. It doesn’t matter what stage. Usually people only find out about cancer in the third or fourth stage. The fourth stage I have been given to understand is when the cancer begins to spread to surrounding areas.

Be positive and believe that you will be healed. Positive thoughts  are the first step to healing. You have to believe that you will be well and totally cancer free and yes it is possible.

This is a sunrise not a sunset. It depicts a new beginning, a new day, a new hope, a new life.


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