Cancer is totally curable

Do not dread cancer – it a totally curable disease.


Do not dread cancer – it a totally curable disease.

Why is cancer so common today?

Cancer is being propagated by the pharmaceutical industry. They are thriving on the money they are making on Chemo therapy and other cancer related medication. In a troubled economy the pharma companies are doing booming business because health is the one area that no one will compromise on.

What is causing cancer? If you consider the lifestyle we live today as compared to that of a century ago. We have processed foods and genetically engineered crops. Falsely propagated items as good for health like Canola oil. Canola oil has been revealed to be rapeseed oil, which was declared unfit for human consumption. With a few modifications the FDA cleared it and they renamed it Canola oil. And this is known to be instrumental in causing cancer. The proceeded foods we eat also lead to cancer. A century ago we ate fresh fruit and vegetable that were naturally ripened. A good nutritious diet of farm fresh fruit and vegetables will restore your health. Whatever disease you are suffering.

Strong cancer fighting foods:

  1. Ginger juice. The GMO ginger has fewer properties than natural ginger it will still help. A simple recipe of ginger juice with lemon juice and honey with water, drunk through the day  will help you a lot. If you can consume 2-3 liters of this concoction everyday you will be infusing cancer fighting antibodies into your body.
  2. High dose of Vitamin C: Eating foods that are rich in Vitamin C or even taking Vitamin C supplements are good. I would recommend that you opt for herbal vitamins or natural vitamins.
  3. Baking soda also known as Soda bicarbonate:  This has known as a natural chemo therapy. For some reason there was a lot of negative opinions on soda bi carbonate. But the old people know about the good benefits of soda bi carbonate for health. A medic revealed to me me that post op they inject patients with soda bi carbonate because it is so effective in healing. The dosage for soda bi carbonate is 1/2 teaspoon in half a glass of water four times a day. It is recommended that you do not exceed 2 teaspoons (20 mg) a day. You can also take 1 teaspoon (small spoon) in a glass of water twice a day. Soda bi carbonate is also extremely good for kidney failure and high uric acid. Soda bi Carbonate is the main ingredient in antacids and is extremely helpful in digestion. If you are facing a case of indigestion take some soda bi carbonate in water.
  4. Cannabis oil: a total cure for cancer in any stage. From leukemia to any form of cancer cannabis is the cure. The only problem is that it is very difficult to come by and most countries inconvenience with the pharmaceutical industries have labelled cannabis as a banned substance. Just apply the oil on your body 2-3 times a day. It absorbs through the skin into your blood stream and goes to the affected areas and starts the war on the cancer cells. Cannabis oil can cure you in as little time as 2-3 weeks. If you are undergoing cancer treatment it is advisable not to mention cannabis oil to your medic. The medical industry are totally against the benefits of cannabis. Even if you don’t believe in the good effects of cannabis oil, you can use it, it wont do you any harm. Cannabis oil is also good for aches and pains.
  5. Omega 3: Omega 3,6 & 9 is good for you. It will help build up your resistance and cancer fighting antibodies. It does not have any direct affect on the cancer cells however, but I recommend that you take Omega oil supplement of 1000 mg a day.


The truth about cancer

It is not the cancer that kills most people, but the side effects of the chemo therapy that makes the body so sick and brings a cancer suffers down to such a painful sight.Cancer will kill you in the long run, without chemo or any medication for cancer you can live quite well for a number of years. You might however need to take pain killers at times as the pain is quite sever.

What is cancer?

Cancer is not something alien to our body. In a natural state our body produces new cells everyday and the old one die. When the old cells do not die and the cells grow out of control it is what we call cancer. It is a malfunction of our natural body system. It is not something external that has affected us.

What to avoid if you have cancer

If you have cancer please avoid all processed foods and precooked or canned foods. Stick to a simple basic diet of home cooked food of fresh vegetables and fruit. Chicken and fish steamed or in stew is healthy. The best way to make stew is to put chopped vegetables and some pieces of raw chicken or fish or red meat into the pot with some ginger, garlic, onion, salt and any other herbs that you like the flavor of. This is the most healthy meal you can have. You can eat the stew with bread or rice or just plain.

6 thoughts on “Cancer is totally curable”

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    1. Hi Teresa, My intention is to help people with cancer and show them the truth of the pharmaceutical industry conspiracy. Those who are interested will find my site and read my blogs as they are packed with vital information. I’m not really interested in getting many hits or likes. This site is purely informational for those who need it. But thanks for the offer anyway. I might use it for another website.


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