Natural Chemo

Soda bi carbonate, baking soda, cooking soda they are all the same.

Soda bi carb is used in all antacids. It is the main component that helps in digestion. If you are feeling uneasy after a heavy meal or if you have indigestion – you head for an antacid to feel better. Next time just take half a teaspoon (5mg) of baking soda in half a glass of water.13466025_10208859236014272_6249219305146328309_n

If you have an upset stomach, everything you eat makes you run to the loo. Soda may not cures your loosies but it will help to improve you digestion for the other stuff you eat. This I say from personal experience. And soon you will start to feel better.

Cancer and Soda bi carbonate

Soda bi carbonate is known as a natural chemo therapy. Mixed with Lemon juice it is said to be 10,000 times more effective than chemo. Of course most people believe strongly in the money making pharmaceutical industry – which by the way does not claim to cure. However soda bi carb will cure you and n side effects.

The recommended dosage is half teaspoon (5 mg) with a glass of water four times a day or you can take one teaspoon (10 mg) twice a day. Preferably your limit of soda in a day is 20 mg. This is what the medics say, so I stick by it.

Baking Soda is also very effective for kidney disease and cures uric acid problems.

You will find hundreds of supporting articles from qualified doctors on the internet. You will also find articles posted by the pharmaceutical industry trying to dissuade people from consuming soda. Today the only business that is growing in a falling economy is health care. Why? because processed foods are being made of cancer causing ingredients. There is a lot of supporting evidence online. Canola oil – originally rapeseed oil, was declared unfit for human consumption. It was modified a little and renamed Canola oil and is being promoted at par with Olive oil. By the way olive oil is good for you.


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