Basis for advice

All the advice I give you is free and from years of research. You will also find this information all over the internet. My purpose for this website is to consolidate all the information in one place and enable people to benefit from it. While all this information is available on many internet sites there are also people who try and contradict it with foolish remarks and no valid reason. I believe that these people are trying to deter people from healing themselves and helping promote the booming medical industry.

You are free to try out these solutions as they are all natural and perfectly healthy. If you don’t have cancer but suspect that you might be a potential cancer candidate this will just help you. Even if you don’t have cancer and just want to stay healthy this is going to help you.

About myself

My interest in health and wellbeing led me to read a lot about food and nutrition for many years. With over 20 years of healthy living I feel it would be morally right to share the knowledge I possess.

These solutions have been tried out on people who have cancer. People who are known to me and they have been cured. I have also been able to help an uncle of mine who had total kidney failure, who was dependent on dialysis. All this healing with just a change in diet.

The aim is not to live longer, but to live healthy for the number of days we have.