The truth about Swine Flu is now out

How the pharmaceutical companies are coning people by creating fear and selling their products

It is shocking to learn that pharmaceutical companies are creating diseases like cancer, swine flu,  diabetes and many more just to sell their medicines and vaccinations.

The truth is now coming out as organisation such as WHO are catching on to the fears stroked by supposed Medical experts in propagating these diseases. Interesting reads about this case are

WHO report on MR Swine Flu under investigation

Swine Flu didn’t fly 

This just goes to show how vulnerable we are to the medical community who we can no longer trust.

Our food is being adulterated with carcinogens which cause cancer and other diseases. Our modern day lifestyle has made us dependent on eating processed foods. Natural foods have healing values. It is time to start turning back to organic foods and eating things that are good for health.



Fierce the tide billowed

What happens when you get the medical report that declares you have cancer? Fear of what’s going to happen? Regret for not having done many things you wanted to? Sorrow over the fact that your life is coming to an end?

It doesn’t have to be this way. When God gives you a problem he always shows you a solution too. Most of the time we are too self absorbed with our own emotions to even see what he is showing us.

Take heed cancer is absolutely curable. But chemo will definitely kill you. First the side effects of the strong medication will waste you body away and finally it take the life out of you. It is a very sad way to die. The ones who suffer the most when a cancer patient has cancer is not the patient but your near and dear ones. They feel so helpless watching you just waste away.

The natural cures for cancer are all banned by the government and their conspiracy with the multi billion dollar pharmaceutical industry.

Vitamin B-17. Can you imagine a vitamin being banned? That is because it cures cancer. The highest natural source of Vitamin b-17 is the nut of the apricot seed. Thank fully apricots are not banned. Gorge on them. A handful a day will do you great benefit. It will reduce the cancer cells in your body.

Sodium bi Carbonate: A decade ago someone told me that I should avoid adding it to food. Also known as cooking soda or baking soda (not baking powder please do not get confused). If you cant find it anywhere look in an Indian shop. It is used in some of the Indian food. An Indian shop will call it cooking soda or soda bi carbonate.

What does it do? It is known as a natural chemo. So you can conclude the rest.

How do you take it. 1/2 teaspoon (5mg) four times a day mixed with water. It tastes very much like an antacid and also functions as one. Or you could do 1 teaspoon (10mg) twice a day. Your daily limit is (20mg) Don’t over do it – that’s all you body can tolerate. Add some lemon to the soda and water – it makes it more effective.

In maximum 4 week your cancer will be gone and this works even for stage 4 cancer or beyond. Even if you are on chemo. Take the soda and get yourself checked in two weeks to see the progress. Try and ensure you get as little medical chemo as possible because the side effects on your body from all the strong medication is terrible and it will permanently damage you if you have too much medication.

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I’m not posting testimonials but it works. Have faith and believe that you will be healed and you will. Just follow the simple food advice.

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